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Terms & Conditions


Indigo Focus conducts Qualitative recruitment on behalf of its clients.

The purpose of registering on our Database is so that you can participate from time to time in PAID projects.

Screening Questionnaires

Projects will usually involve respondents completing a brief first stage “screening” questionnaire. This selects those respondents who fit a particular set of characteristics (e.g age range, gender, product usage, location, etc). If a respondent does not meet the profile required for the project no further action is required and no payment is made.

If a respondent does meet the project requirements then they may be invited to participate in the full project. This could involve completing an online survey, attending a market research session at a convenient location, a focus group, or perhaps evaluating a product in their home or participating in an interview.

Completed Projects

Respondents will be advised when they have been selected for a project. Those who successfully complete a project will receive an Incentive payment. The amount paid will be advised to the member prior to the commencement of the project.

Project Participation

At all times participation is purely voluntary and a respondent may choose not to participate in any project despite meeting all of the characteristics for that project. Indigo Focus will advise the respondent once they have successfully completed a project. Incomplete projects or non attendees at a session will not receive payment.


A respondent that participated and completed a project will receive an Incentive payment. Incentive payment for respondents who attend a Focus Group will usually be paid in cash at the end of the session. However payment may also be in the form of a gift voucher or credit card voucher. Note that payment for a number of Projects might occur once the entire Project is completed and not on the same day. Indigo Focus will advise the respondents of payment schedule.


Respondents who participate in projects are requested not to discuss the nature or outcomes of any project with any other party.


Please note that if you have not answered your questionnaire truthfully and you have been identified by the research company to have previously attended a research project, within the period that you were not allowed to participate, you will be permanently removed off the Indigo Focus database.