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Indigo Focus is a Market Research Recruitment Agency founded in 2011 

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Our commitment to our clients

Committed to:

Committed to assisting our clients to understand and access their current customers, lost customers, future customers, and internal customers.

Committed to consistent attention to recruiting details, quality respondents, perpetual high show rates, on-site requirements and we work closely with you to define your requirements and how we can best play a role in adding value to your Business.

Committed to providing our clients with impeccable quality in every service we offer.

Committed to achieving your research objectives in the most stress-free, reliable and effective way possible.

Commitment from our vast bespoke database of respondents, combined with the experience and efficiency of our dedicated Project Managers. We deliver the right respondents – so that YOU can do your best work

Our Way of Operating

Our team of Project Managers delivers the Indigo Focus recruitment service directly to our clients. Your named Project Manager will be your point of contact throughout the life-cycle of your project from the point of commissioning, and will provide you with:

  • Personal contact and takes your brief, focusing on your specific requirements
  • Details of the screening process and methods used
  • Regular progress/status reports on your recruitment
  • Intelligent feedback and support concerning any difficulties encountered
  • Detailed and presentable respondent profiles to share with your clients

We are able to rapidly search our database then invite preselected respondents to apply and be screened for your project.

Pre-qualified respondents, are then re-screened using a detailed telephone interview and we reconfirm:

  • whether the respondents’ demographics are still the same, as things change
  • whether the answers in the screening are correct
  • whether the respondent is articulate and sufficiently intelligent
  • whether they are sincerely and genuinely passionate and interested in the subject matter

Respondents are identified and provided with pre-task instructions, directions, etc. and then we follow-up with reminder calls and/or sms’s as the time of the sessions draws near.

A few of our happy clients

By utilising the services of Indigo Focus, many clients have been able to confidently conduct their market research within their project timelines and budgets.

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Our clients say

We have had the pleasure of partnering with the Indigo Focus team for just over a year now and it’s been been an absolute pleasure. The team is responsive to requests and is always willing to take on and persevere with tough recruitment tasks. We appreciate their transparency and professional updates throughout the recruitment process -they really do go the extra mile to make our sessions happen and seamlessly

— Shona Beyers

Ignite Research

Working with Pat and her well trained team was an absolute pleasure. They went above and beyond for me as a client and always offered up some advice about how to segment and choose just the right respondents. I was always thoroughly impressed at the quality of people they supplied for usability testing. They very rarely missed the mark, but when anything went wrong (as things always do), they were quick to address the issues and fix them (sometimes before I even knew there were any issues).

— Nonqaba Stamper

Lead Researcher Nedbank 2017 - 2018