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Privacy Policy

We respect YOUR Privacy

The information you supply Indigo Focus will only be used by Indigo Focus and their staff for legitimate earning opportunities.

You will always have the opportunity to remove yourself from our database any any mailing list regarding earning opportunities.

If you feel that any of our activities have infringed this policy, please inform us immediately.

Personal Information

Indigo Focus will never on sell your personal details to any other entity. In providing subjects for research groups to our market research agency or individual clients, we conduct all the administration of the group and no identifying data is revealed to the agency or their client (only your name is used within the group). If in certain cases contact information needs to be passed on to the commissioning client this will be indicated at the point of recruitment and your specific consent requested.

Files containing identifying data are regarded as confidential and subject to good practice in secure handling.

The information Indigo Focus collects about individuals are shown on the questionnaire that everybody needs to complete to register on the database. Some of the questions might seem quite personal, but these are vital in selecting individuals to participate in research.

Data about your ethnicity is used statistically (for diversity monitoring purposes) and to try and achieve balance within groups. It is also used in the small proportion of projects in which targeting by ethnicity is a valid research criteria (an example would be if we were commissioned to locate people to test a product created for black hair care).

If you have stated that you have a disability this information may be used on an individual basis to meet your needs, for example we may need to contact you and ask if you require any special help to attend and participate in a group. For the same reason disability information may have to be disclosed to the client and/or venue. Occasionally we may have social or technology research where a specific disability is actually a recruitment criteria.

Please contact us should you require any further information.

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